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Du-Var Laboratory’s history dates back to Molinard. Founded in 1849 in a town named Grasse in Provence, France, in the department of the Var, Molinard is the oldest French perfumer and remains an entirely family-run business. During the Second World War, Molinard relocated its operations from Grasse to Quebec where he hired local employees, and Mr Corbeil, in particular, as scientific director. In 1946, Molinard moved its operations back to France while Mr Corbeil chose to remain in Quebec and found his own operations focusing on his passion in cosmetology. In honor of this heritage, the new entity was named Du-Var Laboratory in 1947.


This Quebec cosmetologist later passed on the destiny of his company in order to devote himself to writing. He published a book in 1991: Nature in cosmetics. This book and the manufacturing secrets revealed therein remain part of our business today and reflect our own conviction: nature possesses cosmetic’s finest secrets.


In 1987, Mr Pierre J. Trudeau took over Du-Var Laboratory. Through his vision and leadership, Du-Var became a manufacturer for dermatological and natural health products and began its expansion in the American market in 1996.


In 2016, Mr. Paul A. Salloum acquired Du-Var Laboratory, bringing 20 years of pharmaceutical contract manufacturing experience and a professional approach to project management and international development. Our success relies on continued high quality services to our clients and the growth of our global partnerships.